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Back-end development services. Almost all the logic of your application, from user authentication and registration to profile, payments, and data feed; We translate all this information using various frameworks and libraries such as NestJS, Laravel, Google Firebase, or Amazon Amplify. If you have an application and need APIs or want to build an application from scratch and need back-end development services, we invite you to a discussion.

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About Backend Services

The backend can sometimes be the most complex module in an application ecosystem. Here you get all the data coming from the client interface (mobile application, web, desktop). This data is sometimes entered by the user or is data that also comes from the server, and the user manipulates it and backs it up. These information streams create a registration, authentication, user profiles, payment and subscription systems, data feeds, messaging, referral systems, user preferences, map data, and various other algorithms that manipulate that data—depending on the logic imposed by the business.

When to choose Backend services?

Certain types of applications, especially those that do not necessarily need to process user information (such as a flashlight application), can keep the part of the logic encapsulated internally. Conversely, when the application contains user systems, data that needs to be centralized in a common database, or when it is not enough for the information to be stored only locally and persistent across multiple devices, the back-end component is necessary.

Back-end development services

Complete back-end development services. From business analysis, prototyping, development, and testing. Native or cross-platform mobile applications.

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