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User Interface and User Experience are two basic concepts that you want to keep in mind when developing mobile applications for your business. The User Interface and User Experience can tell the difference between the success and failure of your application on the market.

Brainic specialists are here for you and can help you build your app with an attractive design, offering your users a unique and intuitive experience. Regardless of the chosen platform, a good design will place you ahead of the competition, in an increasingly competitive market, such as developing successful mobile applications.

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About UI & UX services

But what does the User Interface and User Experience mean when we think about mobile app development?
User Interface (UI) is how the user interacts with your mobile application. It includes buttons, controls, blocks, or other components that allow users to communicate well with your application.
The main objective of the UI is to allow an intuitive and pleasant interaction of the user with the application. That is why the colors and fonts used, the elements of brand identity, and general design have particular importance here.

User Experience (UX) refers to your application's feeling when they interact with it. Why is UX important? Because it is the basis of transforming a user into a customer, and this is perhaps an essential aspect of your business. A good UX design gives value to your business and makes users willing to buy your products or services. UX also includes how a digital product works in the application, how it responds to the needs of users, and how easily it is accessible.

When to choose UI & UX services?

If you want your application to succeed, you should always consider creating a good UI / UX design. Regardless of the mobile application development provider you choose, you should know that a professional company will consider this aspect and bring it into the discussion from the planning and design phase of the application. You can make an application with excellent functionality, but if you do not take into account the UI / UX design, there is a good chance that you will fail.

When you want to save time and financial resources in the long run.

If you invest in good quality UI / UX design services, your users will easily use your application. This translates into less need to update your mobile app, so you'll save time and money in the long run.

When you want a good reputation for your brand in the market.

Your application's good UI / UX design will lead to many satisfied customers. It is natural that when you put customer satisfaction first, you get good recommendations in mobile app marketplaces. This will lead to even greater visibility of your application to attract even more customers and recognize the brand of your business in the field.

When you want to earn users' trust and have a successful mobile application.

Even if your mobile application is based on a standard or simple idea, a good UI / UX design can make it successful. When the user downloads and opens your application, you probably have only one chance to gain their trust. The UI / UX design will make the difference between that user's desire to return to the application, the decision to uninstall it, or even worse, an alarming evaluation in the marketplace. First impression matters.

Why UI & UX services?

For an improved ROI and therefore an increased return on your investment.

The recommendations of customers who already use your application and are satisfied with their experience will lead to increased profitability in the medium and long term. These recommendations will generate more and more customers and create a lasting growth effect based on their positive experience with your products and brand. A study by Capgemini shows that 8 out of 10 customers are willing to pay more for an enhanced (UX) experience

If you want your users to have the most interactive experience possible with your application.

Interactivity means time spent in the application. In addition, it also means familiarizing users with your brand and increasing the chances that they will become customers. Thus, the more pleasant and intuitive their experience is, the better the options of returning to the application and purchasing your products.

If you want to differentiate yourself in a highly competitive market, such as mobile applications

A good UI / UX design will help you do that. Today, users have higher expectations about the functionality and ease of interacting with a mobile application. In 2020, there were 3.04 million mobile apps available in Google Play and over 2.09 million apps in the App Store, according to Statista. In such a large ecosystem, differentiation is the key to success.

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Complete UX & UI development services complementary to developed applications. From business analysis, prototyping, development, and testing. Native or cross-platform mobile applications.

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