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Having your mobile app for your business is something you shouldn't overlook when it can generate such revenue.

Brainic wants to be with you throughout this process, not only in the mobile application development part but also in the consulting area. We want to make sure that you choose the most suitable solution for your business, and that is why we offer you our entire experience in the field.

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About React Native apps

React Native is a cross-platform software framework that allows the development of mobile applications for both iOS and Android. It is based on JavaScript libraries and open-source React technology. It was first developed and used by Facebook to provide the best possible experience for users, while their number and expectations were growing. React technology has become very popular since then, allowing you to get mobile applications with an excellent User Interface (UI) close to that offered by a native application.

React Native technology is widely used today in mobile applications, the advantages it offers are undeniable. Companies such as Facebook, Instagram, Walmart, Wix, Bloomberg, Netflix, Airbnb use React Native to develop their mobile applications and have performed very well.

In 2019 and 2020 React Native was the most used cross-platform software framework used by developers worldwide, according to Statista studies.

In the current context, it is expected that by 2025 users will spend up to
$ 270 trillion on Google Play and App Store (according to Statista). Most consumers today consume online mobile content.

Did you know that React Native technology can be used to develop mobile applications on both iOS and Android platforms? Even more, it is also adaptable to web or desktop applications.
Get in touch with one of our consultants and see what benefits such an application can bring you.

When to develop a React Native application?

Such technology will help you quickly scale, whether your business is still in its infancy or not. Here are some contexts when you can think about developing such a mobile application for your business:

When you don't have a big budget, you want to use your resources efficiently.

The development of mobile applications with React Native is very cost-effective. By sharing the code between the two platforms, Android and iOS, of course, will require much less financial effort.

When you want to launch your product faster in the market.

Sometimes it can be unpleasant to wait weeks for your Android and iOS mobile apps to launch. This can also mean lost business opportunities. Then you may want to synchronize the launch of the two, which may take some time depending on the speed of development. The situation will be significantly simplified using React Native technology. Mainly using the same code between the two applications, they will be ready to launch on the market much faster.

When you want the flexibility offered by React Native and the functionalities of a 100% native mobile application.

If you are wondering how this is possible, you should know that when you develop a mobile application with React Native technology, you can also use native elements simultaneously. This allows you to use platform-specific programming languages (Java for Android and Swift for iOS) for basic functionality.

Why React Native apps?

Because it allows code sharing between Android and iOS apps.

This means faster development, fewer resources, and higher productivity. React Native technology allows up to 95% of the code between the two platforms.

Very good for the User Interface (UI).

The speed of development you benefit from does not affect the quality of the application. Mobile applications developed with React Native are powerful and load very quickly.

It is a technology that is constantly evolving.

Being open-source, React Native is constantly being improved. If there is currently a problem that you cannot solve, it is a temporary situation. Most likely, a solution will be found in a few months.

For savings in maintenance costs.

It is much easier to maintain the two Android and iOS, for example, when the source code is almost the same. A code update will suffice for both platforms. Errors are easier to detect.

When considering a mobile application using React Native, you need to make sure that you have a well-trained, professional, and reliable collaborator, such as Brainic.
If the JavaScript code in your React Native mobile application is not well written, you will experience performance issues and a slow application.

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