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About Low-code / no-code apps

Low-code / no-code application development is becoming more and more popular. This technology allows less technical people to build mobile or web applications. Low-code platforms require little software development knowledge and no-code platforms at all. With drag and drop interfaces, it becomes possible even for someone who does not know programming to create their mobile application. The possibilities thus become unlimited for companies. They no longer need an entire internal IT team, which is super-specialized and expensive. The boundaries between business and technical departments are increasingly intertwined.

What does this mean for your company? If you choose the development of such an application, it can be easily modified in the conditions of new business needs or development directions. And that's without you needing an army of programmers for that.

When to choose Low-code / no-code app development?

These applications are helpful for both start-ups, small businesses, and larger organizations that want to develop software applications. For the former, a low cost, combined with the flexibility and ease of using Low-code / no-code platforms, brings many benefits. For larger organizations, it means more time saved in the interactions between business and IT departments and increased productivity.

Of course, software development professionals have a role to play, and their involvement is needed for a stable, secure, and well-implemented digital product. However, many of the preliminary stages of implementing a complete application are shortened by the direct involvement of employees or contractors in this process.

When speeding up the market is essential.

It is perhaps the most significant advantage of applications developed through Low-code / no-code technology. The platforms used to create these applications have Drag & Drop interfaces, and the logical and business models make it much easier to develop full-stack and cross-platform (multi-platform?) Applications. The entire development cycle of these applications will be shortened and thus will reduce the time until the actual launch.

When you want to give your customers a Multi-Experience .

Gartner used this term for the first time in 2018. What does the concept of Multi-Experience still mean? It's about going beyond the simple choice of providing a web application or a mobile user experience. It means offering your customers multiple experiences (chat, voice, augmented reality) and consistency in all their interactions with your business. Low-code / no-code applications manage to make the whole process simpler and more accessible. By standardizing the component structures, the complexity of providing each user with this optimal experience is eliminated.

You want to have the freedom to innovate without very high costs.

Through the components that build these applications, you will develop and integrate new ideas into your application quickly and easily. You can forget about the long processes of developing, testing, updating applications that sometimes take weeks. You can even create several variants of functionalities, compare them with each other, or even integrate them all into the application. Once you reach a version that suits you, you can involve a team of software development specialists, such as Brainic, to help you with optimal implementation.

When you are just starting and want to test a business idea that includes mobile or web applications.

It has never been easier to test digital product ideas using low-code / no-code application development. You can do this without huge budgets, and once you have a positive response from the market, you can move to the next level naturally.

Why Low-code / no-code apps?

Because it gives your business agility and flexibility.

The platforms used to develop Low-code / No-code applications are very easy to use and allow you to adapt quickly to market changes. You will not need a highly specialized workforce to update your application or add new features. Moreover, you will take advantage of technologies such as microservices or containers.

Because the maintenance of your application will be simple and easy.

All the components that underlie the development of Low-code / no-code applications are standardized, pre-tested, and ready to use. All you have to do is decide what you want your app to do and combine these elements. This leads to fewer bugs and integration issues. This way, your application will run smoothly and will require minimal maintenance.

For lower costs.

Developing a mobile application using Low-code / no-code technologies will be more cost-effective. The shorter time required to launch such an application and the need for a less over-specialized workforce lead to a lower TCO (Total Cost of Ownership). It is a benefit not to be overlooked in the current market conditions.

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