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Do you have an idea for the iOS mobile app and want to see what this project would mean for your business? The Brainic team is here for you! Whether you need advice on choosing the most suitable iOS application, or you already have a well-developed plan, and you want to go straight to implementation, we are waiting for you to talk.

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About iOS Apps

iOS is the operating system specific to Apple devices, starting with the iPhone and continuing with the iPad or iPod Touch. Users can find the mobile applications developed in the App Store, a digital marketplace where users can download free or paid applications and enjoy their functionality.

Figures show over 2.09 million mobile apps in the App Store in 2020. (according to Statista data). Of these, Most Popular 3 Categories are Games, Business and Education applications. (March 2021)

In terms of the revenue they generate, it is estimated that by 2025 consumers will spend up to $ 185 trillion on iOS mobile apps alone, according to Sensor Tower forecasts.

When to choose an iOS app?

How do you know which approach is right for your business and when to choose to develop an iOS app? Here's what you should consider:

When to develop an iOS app?

One of the main factors you need to consider is your audience and what is important to them. You want to choose to develop an iOS app when your target audience has an above-average income and education or is located in developed countries such as North America or Europe. According to studies, North America is the region where iOS system users are predominant compared to Android users.

If your business model is based on subscriptions or in-app purchases

According to studies, iPhone or iPad owners are more open to buying subscriptions or additional features and services right from the app. Another favorable factor is that in the App Store, most applications are paid. The Apple consumer expects to pay for a mobile application in this way. With that comes higher expectations in terms of application quality.

If the speed of market entry is important

You want to choose the development of an iOS application when its launch speed is essential for you. Due to the standardization of iOS devices and the screen parameters, the actual product will take less time. Apple has a relatively small number of device types on the market, which helps with compatibility. Most of the iOS operating systems are up to date.

Why iOS apps?

Return on investment

When it comes to smaller or larger businesses, they all have the same goal: making a profit. It is one of the most important goals that should not be overlooked. It is already known that iOS apps generate a higher revenue than other apps due to the specifics of the iOS audience, which is loyal and has an above-average income. These consumers are willing to pay to use a mobile app.

Data security

In our times, it is more important than ever to consider users' concerns to protect their data. Apple devices have a remarkable reputation in the market for this and their operating system, iOS. This way, the apps in the App Store protect both the user's identity and data. If this is important for your audience, you should consider developing an iOS mobile app. It is already known that the new iOS 14 has direct implications for tracking applications, which collect data from users. They now can choose whether or not to provide this information.

User Experience

If it's essential to give your users a great user experience through a quality mobile app, you might consider developing an iOS app. By their specificity, they must be following the App Store quality standards to be accepted in the marketplace. Sometimes, your mobile application will be the first contact with your brand for consumers. A quality, intuitive application that gives them a good experience will only create an excellent first impression. This way, the consumer will return to your business on the next occasion.

If you're still not sure how well an iOS app is successful in your marketplace, get in touch with one of the Brainic consultants. At Brainic, we are passionate about technology, but through our experience, we will help you find the best approach for your context.

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