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Suppose you want to develop a mobile application using technology adapted to several platforms simultaneously, with an exceptional User Interface (UI). In that case, we recommend you to learn more about Flutter technology.

At Brainic, we are a team of specialists passionate about new technologies, and that is why we are always up to date with the latest news in the field. Moreover, we are constantly learning and testing new technologies to offer you the best mobile application development services.

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About Flutter apps

Flutter is an open-source framework for developing mobile applications and several platforms. It was first created by Google and is still used in many of its applications, such as Google Pay, Google AdWords, or Google Stage. Flutter is even more than a framework; it can be considered an SDK (Software Development Kit), which provides all the tools needed to develop applications.

In 2020, the rate of use of Flutter technology among developers increased by 9% compared to 2019, reaching 39%, a huge leap that placed the technology very close to React Native, which remained at the same level, 42%. Flutter is the only multi-platform technology that has seen such growth in 2019-2020, according to Statista studies . All this proves the huge potential for development and widespread adoption that Flutter has once again.

Flutter applications successfully combine the quality of native mobile applications with the flexibility of cross-platform application development. That's why technology is so successful in the marketplace.
Being open-source is a constantly changing technology, constantly improved by the companies that use it to develop their applications.

We invite you to read more about the mobile applications developed by Brainic using Flutter technology and the benefits they have brought to our customers. Find here our case study, Jobful application development.

When to develop a Flutter app?

A company that focuses on developing mobile applications using Flutter can be one of the most diverse. Either they want to launch an MVP and test a business idea, or they are a beginner and have a limited budget, insufficient to develop a native application directly. Flutter offers an outstanding balance between performance and costs regardless of the situation.

You want your users to access the same user interface (UI) regardless of the platform.

This option becomes possible and even easily achievable using Flutter. This is what differentiates this multi-platform technology from similar ones. Codesharing is also done at the User Interface (UI) level. Flutter does not use any platform-specific UI components to play them.

When you need flexibility, even when it comes to complex changes.

And in this case, we refer to a User Interface (UI) that can be easily modified. What does this allow? Test several variants quickly and have the freedom to try transitions or different elements of color, shape, shadows.

You still don't know which platform would be more suitable for your application.

If you have a start-up or a small company that wants to be present in the digital ecosystem with a mobile application, then an application developed with Flutter technology may be suitable. By comparison, two native mobile apps for Android and iOS are more expensive and take longer to launch.

Why Flutter apps?

For the faster launch of your application.

By sharing the source code for all platforms (Android, iOS, web, desktop), this is possible while maintaining the design and performance of a native mobile application.

For lower costs.

It doesn't take much time to develop mobile apps using Flutter if you think about the time it takes to create two different native apps. In this way, the related costs will be lower, and you will be able to invest more resources in other important directions for your business.

For good performance

Flutter applications have. If your app is well built, you won't tell the difference between it and a native app. Performance is also vital for a good User Experience (UX), thus contributing to interactivity.

You have to be present with your application and beyond the mobile area for the potential.

Flutter allows you to do this with the same effort. The same code can be used for a web application running from the browser. Your application can adapt to the most used platforms: iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, or Linux.

Suppose you want to know more about the advantages of using Flutter technology mobile application development services and the steps to start this process. In that case, we invite you to contact one of the Brainic consultants.

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