Crafting yourMobile Journey

02Our Team

We are a passionate team of software and mobile applications in particular. Over time, we have participated in various competitions in the field of cybersecurity. Humanity, transparency and proactivity are some of the elements that define us; out of passion we outdo ourselves every day in the field of mobile application development. We are the team that proves by doings, being pragmatic optimists. If you think we share the same principles, we invite you to get to know us - you and your project.

cto mobile technologies
Silviu Stroe

Founder, CTO, Mobile App Consultant

flutter developer

Flutter & Android Engineer

lead ios developer

Sales Manager

lead ios developer

Front-end Engineer

lead ios developer

Android Engineer

04Case Study



Jobful is the first Romanian start-up that develops the first recruitment platform through the gamification technique - a learning process that uses elements and techniques encountered in games to improve the interactivity between users and the application.



We developed the mobile application in close connection with the Jobful team. The collaboration at the level of design and construction of RESTful services, to be consumed in the application was done in the Swagger platform.

The development kit called Flutter created by Google was used to develop the application. The advantages of this technology is that based on 95% of the same code, a very fast application was obtained, with a native feeling for the Android and iOS platforms.
Its design was developed in Sketch, and the collaboration between the design team and the application development team was done in Zeplin.

The application has benefited from manual testing to refine all the details.



As a result, a high-performance, fast application with an extraordinary user experience was obtained, keeping the business purpose and the original gamification concepts of Jobful, with an amplification of them for smartphone users.


Other Projects


Mobile App for Cutter Plotter

Application that connects to a plotter cutter and cuts various patterns of protection foils for phones.


SFA Application for Sales Agents

Application for managing events, stocks, contracts, invoices and orders.


Media Agency application

Application for managing articles, live streams, publishers and streaming partners.

05Brainic Process

1.First encounter

Digital transformation begins with a need. This is when we see if there is chemistry between two essential elements: your business today and where you want to go tomorrow. Can we help you? Let's find out.

2.Business Analysis

You and Brainic create a team together. In this form we search through the layers of your idea until we get exactly where the change needs the craft of the specialist. To UX, mobile applications mastered in Flutter, React Native or Ionic, we are talking about the thought behind it. Start the business analysis!

3.A glimpse into the solution

In geek terms, we are in the phase of low fidelity and high fidelity. On the one hand we create the structure or the backbone of the mobile application. On the other hand, we generate a prototype and draw a graphic design that presents an eloquent image of the project.

4.The Craft

Do you hear the keys? Can you smell the coffee? Now more than ever, we spend time together. Our developers write the code. Their colleagues are testing. The representative of your company together with our team dedicated to your project are preparing for implementation.

5.The Project Success

We do not believe in the craft of the specialist locked in an ivory tower. We rely on exchange and transparency. Throughout our collaboration, your input is essential. Therefore, from the first phase one of our consultants will keep in touch with you permanently.

06 Technologies&Integrations

The probability of having received offers with three price categories is quite high. But we like to understand the mechanism behind the craft. And this is what we propose to our partners.

Technical Data
Fast and Responsive
Codebase & Platform Scalability
Frameworks & Technologies
Easy to go into wider device functionality
UI/UX platform conventions
Time & Cost
Web Hybrid Apps
Runs on webview, more CPU and memory consuming
Most of the functionality works cross-platform, but often custom components are needed
Good to test an idea in order to provide your users with a simple version of your app
Ionic Framework - React, Angular, Vue; JavaScript
Harder to find platform-specific issues. Most of the debug process happens in the browser
Good and growing community, mainly open source. Some modules may be needed to be written from scratch
Slower and not so efficient due to multiple layers between the app and hardware
To match the UI of the user’s platform you must use a library or building components from scratch. Laggy interface.
Mostly works with reusable code for all platforms. While costs are lower due to web technologies, they can increase when you want to generate the native app experience.
Native Hybrid Apps
Native-like performance; native execution of the code
Most of the functionality works cross-platform, but often custom components are needed
Good if you want to build a more polished MVP, but also want to build on it long-term
Flutter, React Native, Xamarin
Great tools and mechanisms to find issues. In some cases native debugging may be needed
Strong documentation from platform owners; big community. May need to analyze native documentation for complex issues
All Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to the hardware is available, but in the dependency with platform author
Almost native look and feel. Standard UI components provided by the framework maintainer.
Mostly works with reusable code. Might increase the cost due to specialized developers
Native Apps
The best performance due to native execution
You will need separate teams for both Android and iOS to write the apps from scratch.
Not the best choice for an MVP.
Java, Kotlin, Objective-C, Swift/SwiftUI
Straight to the problem, easy profiling and optimizing processes
Big community, large support from platform owners - Google & Apple; best documentation
Direct access to all the device hardware; no intermediate layers
No compromises. Users will get a sense of familiarity while interacting with the app
More expensive. Separate development teams for iOS and Android platforms
3rd Party Integrations
Voice Recognitionvoice recognition
Zoomzoom integration
QR CodeQR Code scanner
Google Admobgoogle admob
Google Analyticsgoogle analytics
Apple PayApple Pay
Barcode Scannerbarcode scanner
Braintree Paymentsbraintree payments
Contactsphone contacts
Fingerprintfingerprint auth
Google Firebasefirebase
Mapsgoogle maps
NFCNFC scanner
OneSignalonesignal push notifications
Push Notificationspush notifications


Sometimes a contact is enough to make a real journey. Let's see what we have to do.

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