SFA app for event organizers businesses

The event organizer company SFA application is designed to optimize internal bureaucracy and digitize business operations. The design also allows the events agency to interact more efficiently with their customers, especially when it comes time for them to provide all necessary documents to operate a successful service.

We used the latest technologies in our development process to create an application for various platforms. We have done this by utilizing Ionic 3, Angular 4 TypeScript, and Node.js.
The integrations needed were with the client ERP and as 3rd party – digital signature.
The app can be run on phones and tablets with Android or iOS operating systems as well PC or laptops using any platform, including SmartTVs.

The agent fills in all the initial information on an interactive form found on the app. The process starts by completing the necessary documents, which are then categorized according to their type and uploaded into one file for easier processing.

Also, the agent can choose additional products and services associated with the event.
The products come from an ERP integration and are stored and synced in in-app products and services nomenclature.
The system administrator can also manage the app ecosystem nomenclature to modify or add custom products or services that are only app-specific and ERP-provided.

The new event data created from order forms arrive on a shared calendar of the company as part of the app ecosystem, accessible to all users, including in-store employees, and visible on Smart TVs. Operators at fixed work points can edit the final cost for invoicing purposes after it’s finalized.

As well the system administrator, besides the nomenclature management, can manage all the users in the system, see different orders, and export custom reports.

Given the nature of the business, for cases when the agents are away in locations without a GSM signal and do not have internet, we have designed functionality that allows the application to be used offline. So when the agent returns online, the application syncs with the rest of the system.

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