Cutter Plotter application for cutting protective films

Portable devices have been tremendous over the years. Thus, the market for protective foils for phones, laptops, consoles, and other devices has increased significantly. This gave birth to the need for businesses to automate their work and to be able to add value to customers through the sheets they can buy alone.

Mobile app for connecting to Cutting Plotters

The Brainic team has a complex experience, given the diversity of development projects it was involved in. One of our projects was the development of a mobile application that connects to Cutting Plotters. The concept of the application is to connect to specific models of cutting plotters through a connection with an OTG cable.

Cutting protective sheets using the mobile app

The most exciting part that put our brains to work in a big style was creating the Driver for Cutting plotter. This represents the connection module between the mobile application and the cutting plotter. We did not have any available documentation for the model we worked with. So the process was complex, in which we had to do a lot of tests and tests.

For the sheets to be cut perfectly, without the traces of a forced cut, we had to work with the pressure and speed parameters of the Cutting Plotter.

The user will enter the application, authenticate through the data created by the administrator and choose the category of devices.

autentificare aplicatie cutter     aplicatie taiere folii

After choosing the category, the desired manufacturer and device will be selected (e.g., Samsung s15 phone), and the cutting process will be initiated. Film cutting will not begin before a confirmation action from the application user.

Application administration and number of cuts

Administering the cutting application is very easy from a web admin panel. Here you can find options such as management of users, device categories, devices, and the number of cuts.

Users are generally shops (dealers) using the mobile application; they can be managed – add, modify, and delete.
Several cuts can be associated with them. Counted cuts are only those successfully made by that user/dealer’s plotter or plotters.

Loading sheet models (faces) into the application

The administrator of the application will be able to upload to the application the faces of the phones and other devices that will be found in it. The system has a system of parent categories, where you can define, for example, phones, tablets, consoles, etc. When a new phone appears on the market, a corresponding design will be uploaded to the application to be “cut” by the plotter. The model will be added by associating it with a main category and then with the device manufacturer.

Creating a mobile application for cutting plotters

If you want a mobile application in the business area corresponding to protective films or even the advertising industry, Brainic can help you. We are a responsible team ready to help you develop an application for cutting plotters. We can give you the necessary consultation and develop the app for Android and iOS operating systems.

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