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An Android app for your products can be precisely the step your company needs to get closer to its customers and grow. Brainic welcomes you with a consistent experience in the field and puts at your disposal all the knowledge accumulated in the projects developed so far. We will not create a simple Android application for your business. We offer you complete services, in which we will analyze your business together, and we will come up with applied proposals to obtain the best results.

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About Android apps

Android is an open-source operating system based on Linux. The entire code is available online, making this operating system highly adaptable. Anyone can access this code and develop their vision based on it. The Android operating system runs on many devices, from smartphones to tablets, smart TVs, smartwatches, or cars.

Android is also the most used operating system for mobile applications. Free or paid Android apps are available for download on Google Play, the world's largest app marketplace. Studies show that by 2020, there were over 3.04 million apps on Google Play.

The most popular categories of Android apps available in 2020 were the games, followed by educational applications.

When to develop an Android application?

Depending on your business goals, you can decide when developing an Android application is what you need. Small and medium-sized local start-ups or businesses choose to build an Android application most of the time. It is an effective way to be present in a global market.

If your goal is to reach as many people as possible.

Using an Android application will help increase the brand awareness of your business, but also the number of users. Android's market share as a mobile operating system is currently around 71% , positioning it as the market leader. Many users are also related to the variety of devices that use Android and their accessibility.

When you want to adapt to market changes easily

Since the Android operating system is open-source, the source code can be modified and adapted to many devices as you wish. In this way, the variations are practically unlimited. You'll be able to dynamically change your app, add new features, or update it to be compatible with the latest devices. The Android system also allows the interoperability of applications with those on other platforms.

When you want your application to be compatible with as many devices as possible.

Although this increased fragmentation of devices may lead to a more extended development and testing time, it has its benefits. You can access different user segments without restrictions on the device from which they want to access the application.

If your monetization strategy includes paid ads or in-app purchases

Because so many apps on Google Play are free, you need to think in advance about how you want to monetize your app. In the case of Android applications, the ads, and purchases made from the application work best. In 2019, the best results were the video ads from mobile applications. A challenge with these strategies is ensuring that the promotion methods are not too intrusive, risking the excellent user experience.

Why Android apps?


Users of your application will also download it from a website or other platforms, not only from Google Play. The Android Software Development Kit (Android SDK) offers this flexibility. This will allow many potential customers to get in touch with your application.

Exceptional SEO

By having your app on Google Play. Here we are referring in particular to the Google Apps indexing system. If your app is listed on Google Play, its views can easily turn into hits on your site. The Google Apps Indexing System allows users to access the app > from Google Play or even install it directly.

You have more freedom to innovate

Thanks to the "open source" Android platform.
Google's entire philosophy is based on innovation and the freedom to experiment. This is also visible in the development of Android mobile applications. You can add features, update or modify applications, and the process of approving them on Google Play is simple; it takes only a few hours.

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